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April 16, 2008
Headed to Baghdad/Sadr City

Posted by Bill

I'm going to Baghdad next week to embed with the 2-1 Stryker Cavalry Regiment operating in and around Sadr City. The showdown between the Mahdi Army and US and Iraqi government forces is currently the most important story in Iraq at the moment, and I'd like to provide an accurate, on-the-ground perspective.

The embed is accredited and covered through Bill Roggio's Public Multimedia, Inc., and the majority of my work will be featured over at The Long War Journal. These trips are expensive and rely on reader donations, so please consider making a tax deductible donation to PMI:

Thank you for your support.

For a primer on the situation in Sadr City and recent events regarding the Mahdi Army, read the following:

Iraqi, US troops press forward against the Mahdi Army in Baghdad and Basrah

Iraqi government: "We will continue until we secure Sadr City"

US, Iraqi troops prepare the battlefield in Sadr City

Fighting erupts in Sadr City after Sadr aide killed

Iraqi government moves to sideline Sadrists, Mahdi Army

UPDATE: Typo fixed.

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God Bless you Bill and keep you safe. Thank you for risking your life, along with the brave men and women of our armed forces, so that the true story can be told out of Sadr city.

We look forward to hearing from you

Posted by: John at April 17, 2008 01:49 PM

Wow, Bill! I have a great deal of admiration for you and I have done my best to spread the word about your missions and this blog. I will do so again.

God Bless you (again) and please keep your head down. I look forward to your insightful and unbiased stories.

Posted by: Scoob at April 17, 2008 09:08 PM

Best of luck, Bill. I'm a former member of the 2-1 Cav and served with them in Vietnam '69-70. We've tried to keep the cav spirit alive with reunions and were pleasantly surprised to see that the young soldiers in the recently reactivated unit wanted to be part of the unit association. We sent a group up there for the reactivation and to send them off to Iraq.

One small correction. Under the Army CARS system the correct unit designation is 2-1 Cav rather than 2/1 Cav. since it is a detached squadron rather than a regimental squadron.

Posted by: Old Soldier at April 18, 2008 11:44 AM



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