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August 10, 2007
Back to Fallujah

Posted by Bill

I'm headed back to Iraq for two weeks on August 30th, to report on the situation in Fallujah prior to Gen. Petraeus's September report. I'm accredited with Bill Roggio's Public Multimedia, Inc., and would sincerely appreciate any (tax deductible) donations that cover expenses (airfare, insurance, etc.) through his shop. If you choose to give, please mark the subject or notes line with "Bill Ardolino":

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Some of my coverage will focus on the state of the Iraqi Police (IP) and the US Police Transition Team (PTT) mission. At the end of my last trip, the Iraqi Police were at a turning point: they had just become officially responsible for the security of Fallujah (along with the Iraqi Army), they were in a largely defensive posture, recruiting was accelerating, they had a brand new police chief and there was a question as to whether the effort would gain or lose momentum.

I shot the following video in January to show a day in the life of the Iraqi Police and their Marine advisors. Note: odd camera angles and blurring are done to protect identities and classified material. Content Warning: this video contains a graphic image of dead insurgents.

From what I've heard since my departure, the IPs made progress, marked by the police chief establishing his authority and putting the force on offense, though logistical problems still hamper the effort. Again, please donate to support a first-hand update:

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For more on the Iraqi Police & Police Transition Team in Fallujah, see:

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Posted by: nick at August 10, 2007 01:41 PM

"THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES FOR THE FAILURE TO CONTROL" - Uhm, we generally protect the identity of whistleblowers and undercover officers in the US, do you advocate we stop that?

I do agree that this is deplorable (see for an echo) however, it's not like we (USA) haven't screwed the Iraqis before... the Kurds come to mind.

And, if you read about the number one problem of our approach in Iraq (and what the surge combats) is that many times after pushing back the ragh[uhm] insurgents, the force considered their job 'done' and pulled back, generally leaving a vacuum that was often filled by the same scum that caused the problem before.

Thus, the guy blurred wanted it that way - and he has good historical reasons. We "Live and learn", they, alas, often die.

Posted by: Fil at August 10, 2007 03:16 PM

A U.S. soldier has written a book about fighting insurgents in Fallujah. His name is David Bellavia. The book is called "House to House". Time Magazine featured an article on this guy. I hear the book is better than Blackhawk Down. You should check it out.

Posted by: Matt at August 11, 2007 05:01 PM

what does undercover here have to do with IRAQ?

nothing you genius.

Posted by: nick at August 14, 2007 07:13 PM

what does undercover here have to do with IRAQ?

nothing you genius.

Posted by: nick at August 14, 2007 07:13 PM



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